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Cultural Aspects of Arabic <> English Legal Translation Services

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The cultural aspects of Arabic<>English legal translation in Dubai & other Emirates...

The translation must be done from the source language to the target language preserving the stylistic and semantic equivalences. Language is not isolated from culture rather language is an integral part of a culture. Culture can be defined as the beliefs and practices of a society. Words bear their meanings with reference to the culture in which they are used. Language does not determine the culture of a society but they reflect the society’s practices & beliefs.

Translators encounter difficulties in translating idioms, culturally bound particular phrases, & culturally-bound expressions if they are not well versed equally with the culture of the source language speakers and the target language speakers at the same time. The two main areas where the idiomatic and fixed expressions pose problems for a translator are 1) the inability to recognize and interpret idioms correctly, & 2) the difficulty of rendering the various aspects that idioms and fixed expressions convey in the target language.


We provide the Arabic<>English legal translations that are culturally sound...

You must be looking for a translation agency that understands the significance of cultural aspects in translation. Here at Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services otherwise popularly known as Dubai Translation Services, we are specialized in handling all the cultural aspects involved in legal translation from Arabic to English & vice versa. Thus, we can do justice to your project. Highly professional & legally approved translators will do the translation followed by proofreading and several other quality control steps. In all, we maintain a 6-step quality control process to ensure high standards of service to our clients. Among other specialties are quick turnaround time, competitive pricing, confidentiality, & a dedicated manager to look after your project.


We bridge the Cultural Gaps in Arabic<>English legal translation...

An important role is played by the differences of cultures in the conveying of a text or oral communication from one language to the other even though the two languages may not have much in common. Our Translators are aware of the slightest details of a text while translating it in another language. They look deeply beyond the surface meanings of the words and phrases. They do not render the words of the source text but render the words in a particular situational and cultural context.

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The languages for which we provide legal translation services...

The translations are not just literal word to word translation but they are localized & bridge the cultural gaps.

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