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Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services also, popularly known as Dubai Translation Services is a registered company in Dubai, UAE for providing services related to languages and translation in Dubai and across the Globe.

Our clients are from various parts of the world. 35000+ best brands from Dubai, United Kingdoms, France, Germany, Italy, other European countries, USA, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and from another 60 countries trusted us over the years.

We, at Dubai Translation Services offer you the fastest, accurate & quality rich translations in Dubai and outside Dubai. Being in the industry for translation in Dubai for over 15 years we are proud to say that our clients love our super fast response and high-quality translations that we deliver in short time.

Being a provider of translation in Dubai, we helped many individuals with translated certificates and other documents, helped start-ups and brands grow their sales with multilingual translation of promotional and marketing material. We at Dubai Translation Services offer translation in more than 100 languages. There is no language on Earth that we cannot translate. We have teams of native proficient translators in every language.

Content Translation Services in Dubai & Beyond Borders

According to the Can’t Read Won’t Buy research done in 2014, 60% shoppers from countries where English is not the native language said that they rarely or never buy from sites that do not offer information in their language. Have you ever landed on a web page and found it in another language? How long did you spend on it?

For most people, a few seconds are enough to determine the relevance of a website. Translation Services in Dubai and other countries play a significant role in how far a company can expand its online boundaries. Translation in Dubai is a thriving industry

Types of Content Translation Services in Dubai and Beyond

When considering translation services in Dubai or any other country, you need to understand the types of services available in the market. Whichever model you choose affects the tone and representation of your site and marketing documents in a critical way. You do not want to mean one thing and say another as this distorts your market relevance.

The following are some of the common types of content translation in Dubai.

Brand name translation

It takes a brilliant translator to get a brand name right in a different language while considering its cultural connotations, meaning, and other word implications. The brand name still needs to maintain its attractive sound in whichever language, to maintain its memorability. Here comes the importance of a company like us providing translation services in Dubai.

Patent or legal translation

Any content that may either end up in the hands of a jury or that is meant to address a sensitive legal group needs a lot of care and accuracy. A professional agency like us that handles translation services in Dubai for courts and legal firms will be beneficial in such circumstances.

Legal translation in Dubai & other Emirates needs to be conscious of specific language formats in line with dates, particular terms, and numbers. The translated content must maintain the same meaning and intention as the original content.

News translation

Though not as strict as legal translation in Dubai & other countries, news translation still has a significant aspect of official terms and formats to be considered. There are also a lot of quotations that happens in this content; hence, the translator needs to ensure that this is done carefully with no room for speaker misinterpretation. News translation services in Dubai are often done from English to Arabic & vice versa.

Fiction Translation

Any fiction content aims to capture the curiosity of a reader. In the translation process, this intent needs to be maintained. Character representation also needs to remain as accurately connected to the original copy as possible. We can help you in this kind of translation services in Dubai and other countries.

Tips to Consider When Looking for Content Translation Services in Dubai and Beyond

Content translation Services in Dubai and other countries means more to a business than having a website in different languages. This is why you need to be smart about how you handle your translation process. Here are a few tips that will keep the process intact:

Involve the experts

Just because you are the founder or the CEO of the business does not mean that you know everything that your translated website needs. You need to have smart minds to walk with you through the process. For example, if you are looking to make your site friendly to Dubai residents, make sure you have an expert in Dubai translation services on your team. It will save you from unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind that Website Translation is one of the most critical forms of translation in this era. Whenever you need translation services in Dubai or outside Dubai, email us or call us and our client servicing team at Dubai Translation Services will be there for you.

Do thorough market research

Who do you desire to reach? Which country do they come from? What languages are spoken in that country? Your linguistic analysis should follow this sequence of questions if you want to go right on content translation in Dubai or any other country. We at Dubai Translation Services are there to help you with all information and services related to translation services in Dubai and outside anywhere in the world.

Did you know that the US does not have the most number of Internet users? Your website does not need to be available in all 6500 languages of the world. It only needs to speak to your target audience.

Keep SEO in Mind

One important thing that should not be compromised when translating your content is the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. You must understand the nuances that affect aspects such as keywords, even if English is the native language in the country. A company that provides translation in Dubai can help you in this.

Again, do not forget that in as much as your content needs to get translated in the smoothest way possible, it needs to have an SEO relevance to your target audience in multiple languages.

We at Dubai Translation Services is there to assist you and help you in getting multilingual support for both on page and off page SEO.

Plan your budget

There are free translation services, but most of them are not as accurate as your site needs to be. This means you have to be willing to spend to earn the effectiveness of a translated website or translation of other documents. In the long run, the return on investment will be worth every coin, especially if the rest of these tips are accounted for.

Ways to Translate Your Content

In any form of translation, you could either go the human translation way or the machine translation way. Content translation done by a human tends to sound more natural and has a touch of emotional accuracy.

However, there are some limitations, such as the availability of a translator off working hours. Though there is a way to work around it in terms of shift adjustments, emergencies may still be a challenge.

Machine translation has been a better option for most businesses, as once installed, one will not need to have an extra person on their payroll. There are several options for automated translations, including Google, which is one of the easiest to access. However, for better output and a sense of professionalism, CMS tools with translation capabilities work better.

A professional translator or a firm that offers translation services in Dubai and beyond will provide excellent consultation services on the ideal content translation tool to use. There being several in the market, it may be overwhelming to know which accurately matches your translation needs. Make sure you have some substantial knowledge on the same then be willing to seek an expert’s opinion.

We at Dubai Translation Services assure you translations that are 100% accurate and have 100% acceptance in every institution inside and outside Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Why choose a Dubai Translation Services for certificate translation?

We have translated a few thousands of certificates till date. Other than proficiency in language and linguistics a translator requires other additional skills to translate certificates. All names in the certificate need to be translated properly keeping the spellings, date and time formats according to the country of use. We have quality control departments to ensure everything goes right in the translated certificate.

Special care needs to be taken while translators translate certificates with regards to the layout. They must be conversant with laws of both the country of origin and the country of use to be able to translate certificates properly and correctly.

Translate certificates both personal and commercial with us. We provide competitive prices and provide deliverables on time.

Native and proficient Translators at Dubai Translation Services

You may be surprised when we tell you that we have native and proficient translators in more than 100 languages. Native translators are the most appropriate professionals to do justice to a translation project as the target language is their mother tongue and they have deep knowledge of their own culture. Hiring of native speakers increases the effectiveness of your multilingual global campaigns, and save you from being embarrassed in international markets. We provide translation services in Dubai at competitive prices.

Dubai Translation Services provides translation in Dubai for migration and other documents to be submitted to Embassies & Consulates, Ministries, Courts, and Government departments, Banks etc.


In content translation in Dubai and other countries, the most important thing is the ability to resonate with your target audience. Whether you are speaking to a legal crowd, online shoppers, or people looking for business content, it is essential not to lose your flow and meaning. Content translation services in Dubai and beyond has helped in the increase of sales for several businesses and growth in traffic for many websites. If you have not yet considered it, you are missing out on an essential tool for your business.

Translate certificates and other documents, of all nature including personal and commercial with Dubai Translation Services at competitive prices. We are a company that provides translation in Dubai as well as for clients operating in MENA, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, India, USA, UK, and other European countries.

Compared to European countries the price for translation in Dubai is cheap and also the quality of translation is of high standards.

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