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A high-quality Chinese Legal Translation that you need?

欢迎 You will get a holistic translation service from us. The services we provide are professional & quick. You will be enjoying a range of specialties that we have, a few of them are mentioned as follows.

  • 1- Legal translators licensed from the Ministry of Justice.
  • 2- The translations are well- accepted overseas.
  • 3- Long time Experience in Chinese legal translation services.
  • 4- Fast & Quick service.
  • 5- 6-step High-Quality Control Review process.
  • 6- Fast response to all your communications.
  • 7- Dedicated Accounts Manager for you.
  • 8- Non-disclosure Agreements.

Language combinations with Chinese that are available with us...

The language combinations that are available with Chinese are as follows:

Chinese<>Arabic Legal Translation

Chinese<>English Legal Translation

Chinese<>French Legal Translation

Chinese<>Spanish Legal Translation

Chinese<>Italian Legal Translation

Chinese<>Russian Legal Translation

Chinese<>Turkish Legal Translation

Chinese<>Farsi/ Persian Legal Translation

Chinese<>German Legal Translation

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Chinese to any other language legal translation & vice versa...

We have partner offices in 120 countries across the world. These offices are all officially authorized translation companies in their countries. In circumstances where you require legal translation from Chinese to any other language or vice versa, you won't find a legal translation or legal translation agency in the UAE. Do not panic or feel miserable just give us a call, or send an email, come on a live chat with us and let us know. We will make it possible for you without any worry. It will be hassle-free and quick.


A basic evaluation of the translation is necessary before you use it...

As an informed client you must do a basic evaluation of the translation. If you do not know the language you may refer to a native speaker of the language from amongst your friends and colleagues. This is just to make sure that all information mentioned in the translation is correct and is well. This will increase your confidence and help you avoid rejection.


The common mistakes in Chinese Translation...

The most important and noted mistake is commonly known as ‘Chinglish’. What is it? It is a blend of English & Chinese. This is not at all acceptable in a translation. There are other mistakes such as formatting errors for eg. use of extra spaces may ruin the translation and give different meanings at times. A direct translation of signs is utterly literal and often destroys the spirit and context of the original content in the translation. Certain expressions used in Chinese or English if translated into the other language literally will be funny and often meaningless. A native reader won’t understand anything. The grammatical errors are mainly with respect to i) countable nouns, ii) prepositions, iii)parts of speech, iv) pronouns, v) subjunctive mood, vi) lack of sensitivity to the copula, & vii) lack of sensitivity to gerunds.

Punctuation errors are also common along with direct & indirect speeches. Among other main mistakes are mis-spellings, syntax error, semantics, logic problem, redundancy, etc.

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General Documents that need Chinese legal Translation...

Power of Attorney
Memorandum of Association
Birth Registration Certificates
Marriage Registration Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Death Certificates
Wills & probates
Medical Certificates
Insurance Documents
Banking Documents
Sale & Purchase Agreements
Letters of Recommendations
Character Certificates
Police Clearance Certificates
Passports & Visas
Photo ID proofs
Driving licenses
Property Papers
Education Related Documents
All commercial documents
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Multiple Language Legal Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates

A legal translation in the UAE is a translation that is done by a legal translator approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and can be attested by a Notary Public in UAE, The Ministry of Justice of UAE, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE, and subsequently by the Embassies & Consulates of Other countries in UAE. These attestations make the translation acceptable in other countries as well as inside the UAE.

Legal Translators for all languages are not available in the UAE. But there comes a situation when a legal translation of documents in those languages is required. The procedure is lengthy but a legal translation for such language is possible. We can assist you with a legal translation from and to languages for which you won’t find a legal translator in the UAE. We can also assist you with the legalization of the translations for use abroad. Also, we can arrange legal translation of foreign documents and legalize them for use inside the UAE.

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The Guarantee of Contentment in our services that you deserve...

We assure you and guarantee you a 100% satisfaction in our services. We want to make your journey with us smooth and hassle-free. We are excited to have you with us on board.

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