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Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services, a registered translation company in Dubai, provides you with the Medical Translation Services which Health Authorities, Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, and all other regulatory bodies accept in UAE and any part of rest of the world. We understand the importance of usage of appropriate medical terms while translating your content. Our clients trust, rely upon us for our CERTIFIED MEDICAL TRANSLATION SERVICES. We have a team of highly qualified and proficient medical translators for all languages.

We are a leading organization in the field of Medical Translation Services in Dubai. Though we are located in Dubai we have been providing our Medical Document Translation Services & Medical Records Translation Services to many organizations across the World. We have specialized teams of medical translators with educational and translation background in healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry in more than 100 languages who have clear knowledge of the terminologies of medical language.

Medical Translation Services, Its Nuances and Importance

Medical Document Translation Services play a vital communication role in the pharmaceutical sector . It involves translating medical documents such as brochures, marketing materials, and other specialized, medical records from their original language to languages in demand. Some doctors can do the translation, but sometimes other hospital duties become overwhelming, hence the need for a medical translator.

Increased Demand in Medical Translation Services & Medical Translators in Every Language

There many ways of disseminating medical information from the commonly used media channels to Internet sites such as websites and social media platforms. This has created more demand for medical translation. Here is a list of some of the frequently used medical information channels that drive the need for Medical Document Translation Services & Medical Records Translation Services. Medical Translators play a vital role in the healthcare industry, today.

  • Marketing pieces of equipment

    These include brochures used to create medical awareness in a community, a doctor's business card, and hospital information cards or flyers. Given that a community may have residents who do not speak in English or foreigners visiting for various reasons, it is essential that the listed marketing materials are available in other languages being translated by proficient and highly qualified medical translators.

  • Consent forms

    These are forms used to authorize the treatment of a patient who, in most cases, is in a critical condition and needs a serious surgical procedure to stabilize the situation. In many instances, such patients are brought into the hospital through the emergency entrance meaning that the faster they can access medical attention, the higher their chances for survival. Here, where we need assistance of medical translators.

    If consent papers are not available in a language that the patient's guardian can understand, it might take longer for the patient to get the attention they deserve. This might lead to critical consequences that could have been avoided.

  • Patient information papers

    For a patient to understand what records the hospital has under their name, he or she has to rightly interpret the words on their information papers. Information papers help both doctors and patients keep a record of medical examinations, which in some cases are relevant when seeking future medical attention.

  • Prescriptions

    Prescriptions direct patients on what medicine to buy or pick from the hospital's pharmacy, know how often to take it, and for how long. A hospital will need pharmaceutical translation services for this because if one takes the right medicine the wrong way, the medication might turn into a deadly poison.

  • Operation manuals and Product descriptions

    Hospitals receive different medical pieces of equipment every once in a while. Some are used to upgrade medical services, while others are an improvement of already existing machines. Their manuals need to be in an understandable language for doctors and lab technicians to learn how to use them. Same goes for medical product descriptions

  • Clinical trial documents

    Clinical trials are procedures that help in the advancement of medical services. Documents to be signed before such procedures need to be in the language of all participants. This will ensure that they understand the process at hand and any risks involved.

  • Medical research documents and academic textbooks

    Medical language translation services are critical in medical research as, in most cases, a study done in one country might be used for reference in another research in a different country.

  • Medical websites and social media pages

    In this era, many people visit the Internet to look for medical information. They may be in search of the nearest hospital or specific diagnosis. For this reason, websites and social media pages offering medical information need to be available in different languages.

  • Medical tourism

    International medical aid and people travelling to other countries to seek advanced medical services are now common. Medical translation applies in this case as patients and doctors, in most cases, have no time to first learn a foreign language before giving or receiving a medical service.

  • Medical insurance

    Foreigners working abroad are also entitled to medical insurance. Other visitors can apply independently as well. This means that medical insurances also need to be in the language that both the insurer and the client can understand.

You might be wondering whether medical translation done by medical translators is affordable. Check out this insightful article: 10 factors that influence the cost of medical translation services. How much does medical translation cost? This will give you a clear budget expectation then looking for medical translation from highly qualified medical translators.

Why Look for Medical Document Translation Services & Medical Translators

Immigration has become more rampant in this century, with more people travelling to other countries for job reasons, a refuge in times of war, and the search for a new retirement environment. Following these circumstances, doctors find themselves dealing with all kinds of immigrants, if not tourists, and people visiting their friends and relatives from other countries.

Pharmaceutical translation needs more than someone who understands the language on demand; It requires an expert in the medical field who is trained to be a translator. Here are reasons why you should hire a medical translation company or get an experienced translator.

Medical Document Translation Services is a very responsible job. While providing Medical Records Translation Services the service provider and the medical translators must take all precautions to make sure that the translation is accurate and 100% free of errors.

Easy Communication

The main objective of any form of translation is to make communication between parties with different linguistic backgrounds able to understand each other. Communication in the medical industry is even more critical, given that misinformation may cost the life of a patient. So, the task of medical translators is very crucial, significant and highly responsible.

Accuracy Purposes

It is one thing to have a general translator and another to have a translator who specifically offers medical document translation services. For the latter, years of experience makes them more accurate in dealing with medical documents. Also, medical translators have a vast knowledge of medical terms and their meanings.

The importance of having an accurate translator goes both ways, for the doctor and the patient. The doctor needs accurate information on what the patient is feeling to make the right tests and diagnosis, and the patient needs proper diagnosis and the right direction on the way forward.

Statutory implications

A hospital can be sued for misdiagnosis caused by not having a medical translator or medical translators in local languages on the ground. This can lead to a significant fine for the case of negligence. To avoid this, a hospital needs to have a close relationship with a medical translation agency so that they can get translation services on demand.

Communal Benefits

One of the ways that a hospital is seen to be concerned with the community where it is located in is its ability to communicate with the people effectively. A good relationship between the hospital and the community leads to medical relevance in the concerned area.

Better Medical Services

Effective communication, accurate translation, Statutory compliance, and good community relations all lead to better medical services. Doctors in a hospital with all the right pieces of equipment cannot offer the right medical service if there is a language barrier. So, they need highly qualified and proficient medical translators. However, you also need to understand the 10 factors to consider when choosing a medical translation company to make your experience easier.

Medical Records Translation Services is Indispensable

So, an agency providing medical records translation services vs. freelance translator: whom do you hire? The short answer is that it depends on a lot of things.

Professional medical translation services not only help in service delivery, but they also contribute to a less stressful ailment period for the patient. A hospital or any other institution in the medical industry needs to ensure that medical information is spread accurately, using the most effective channels. Everyone needs access to the right information and medical attention. Medical translation makes this happen. Click here to learn how to translate your medical content faster and smarter.

Medical Records Translation Services cover the translation of 6 major kinds of documents viz. Patient Information Leaflet, Medical History Record, Discharge Summary, Medical Tests, Mental Status Examination, Operative report. Companies that translate these medical records need to have a team educated in medical sciences. Translation of medical records is a very responsible profession. There have been many unfortunate incidents in the past where due to a mistake made by companies providing medical records translation services lead to permanent damages to patients.

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