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We provide high-quality French Legal Translation Services

Bonjour! Don’t be surprised I won't take the whole conversation in French. French is such a lovely language and our translators make it more beautiful. It's not only the translators but the whole office wants to serve you and give you the best. A dedicated accounts manager will coordinate with you from the beginning until the end. The quality assurance team will scrutinize the translation and get it to proofread to make sure it has passed through all the filters of quality enhancement. The legal translation provided by us can be legalized from the Ministry of Justice of the UAE and the French Consulate in Dubai, French Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Other Embassies and Consulates in the UAE. You will be impressed with our quick turnaround time, confidentiality policy, affordable pricing, & high response rate. We guarantee you a happy and smooth journey with us.


The language combinations with French available...

You will get the following language combinations

French<>Arabic Legal Translation

French<>English Legal Translation

French<> German Legal Translation

French<>Spanish Legal Translation

French<>Italian Legal Translation

French<>Russian Legal Translation

French<>Turkish Legal Translation

French<>Farsi/ Persian Legal Translation

French<>Chinese Legal Translation

For French to other languages legal Translation...

You will get with us French to any language or any language to French legal translation. For example French to Japanese or Ukrainian to French. That we make possible through our network offices in more than 120 countries across the world.

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If you want to evaluate the translation quality, how?...

The quality of translation is very important for you. This is the instrument with which you may be applying for a visa, employment, approval of leaves, business transactions, finalizing financial & commercial deals, etc. It is very important for you to check the quality of the translation you are getting.

The 4 core evaluative aspects in a legal translation are as follows:

  • 1- Use of legally approved semantics in the translation.
  • 2- Use of perfect legal terminologies, phrases, and genre conventions.
  • 3- linguistic correctness like syntax, punctuation, cohesion, culture, etc.
  • 4- Numbers, date, time formats, and other frames of references.
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What are the common mistakes...

The very common mistakes are around conjugations, mixed up genders, mixing up of prepositions, possessive adjectives, verbs with “se”, misplacing adjectives, forgetting contractions, & literal translation.


Documents that often needs French legal Translation

Academic Reports
Academic Transcripts
Passports & Visas
Driving Licenses
Medical Reports
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Divorce Certificates
Death Certificates
Court Judgements & Orders
Wills & Probates
Property related documents
Business Licenses
Memorandum & Articles of Associations
Certificate of incumbency
Audit Reports
Annual Statements
Share Certificates
Internal & External Communications
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Commencement of Business
Letters of Credit
Business Agreements & Contracts
Power of Attorney
Board Resolutions
Terms & Conditions
Patents Documentation
Non Disclosure Agreements
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Multiple Language Legal Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates

A legal translation in the UAE is a translation that is done by a legal translator approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of UAE and can be attested by a Notary Public in UAE, The Ministry of Justice of UAE, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE, and subsequently by the Embassies & Consulates of Other countries in UAE. These attestations make the translation acceptable in other countries as well as inside the UAE.

Legal Translators for all languages are not available in the UAE. But there comes a situation when a legal translation of documents in those languages is required. The procedure is lengthy but a legal translation for such language is possible. We can assist you with a legal translation from and to languages for which you won’t find a legal translator in the UAE. We can also assist you with the legalization of the translations for use abroad. Also, we can arrange legal translation of foreign documents and legalize them for use inside the UAE.

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The Guarantee & Happiness you look for...

We guarantee you a high-quality translation from a native, specialized, expert, and professional legal translators. The translation will be made by a Ministry of Justice licensed translator. The translation will be as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice fulfilling all requisites of end-user authority. French Legal Translation of your documents provided by us will be acceptable everywhere inside the UAE and outside the UAE. Can also be Attested and Legalized from the French Consulate in Dubai & French Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Your journey with us will be happy & joyful. We are waiting to have you on board.

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