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The relevance of translation in your business...

You can make your business global. You have the potential to win new markets. Connect swiftly with the different ethnicities, tribes and multilingual populations of the modern world. All you need is a flawless human translation partner with a quick turnaround time. We guarantee you that. You may wonder how legit is the claim. Let us apprise you that we have a 6-step tedious quality control review process. This is why 35000+ best brands trusted us over the years. Which include many Fortune 500 Companies, medium and small-scale business enterprises, & start-ups. A big chunk is from MENA and European countries. A notable number from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, and 60 other countries.


Why is a Dubai-based company preferable...

Translation in Dubai is a service that is more regularly sought. This is due to its population matrix. More than 200 nationalities stay here in Dubai. Such a variety of different language speaking groups is not evident in any other part of the world. Therefore, the industry of translation in Dubai is of paramount importance to the rest of the world. This is one of the many specialties of Dubai.

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Services we offer...

You will find all the varieties of language-based services with us. A team of certified linguists from our agency will assist you. You can contact us when you need legal & other forms of written translation, proofreading, language interpretation, video subtitling & voice-over services. We also take pride in copywriting services. Our attestation services extend to all countries across the globe except for a few. Localization of websites has become imperative for all businesses. We have localized around 750 websites to date each in more than 8-10 languages and we would be excited to handle your assignments.

In addition to quick, certified & legal translation services in Dubai & other Emirates, we provide a normal translation of documents for marketing & advertising purposes. Often clients require a translation of a marketing brochure, flyer, product labels, presentation, manual, etc. There are also legal documents that need a normal translation for understanding purposes of the end-user.

Our video translation services in Dubai are of paramount importance to media & entertainment companies. We do the translation of the video script and then provide recordings by excellent high profile voice artists in languages opted by our clients. We have to date translated several websites into multiple languages & that brought success to our clients in different target markets. We also provide legal translation by certified translators in Dubai for languages like Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, & Farsi/ Persian.

Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services with its top-notch native and professional translators and language experts will work as a team with you to fulfill your requirements in time and will render high-quality services at all times.

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Our professional translators’ network...

There is no language on Earth that is not within the purview of our expertise. We have 16,000 high-quality certified linguists in more than 120 native languages. That way we have separate teams specialized in the specific niche of translations.

They are native court translators, certified translators, sworn-in-translators, the government authorized translators, & prominent voice artists. They are specialized in law, engineering, healthcare, marketing, and other niches.


Quick turn-around time...

Do you need all the 100 pages translated by tomorrow afternoon? No worries we have separate teams working in double shifts to help you meet your deadlines. The quality will still remain uncompromised. A lot of filters, scrutiny, and verification will be undertaken to ensure quality. Logical consistency, the linguistic framework, all necessary transcriptions, and transliterations will be checked thoroughly.

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6-Step quality control review process...

quality control

Your document after translation will go through rigorous proofreading, precise editing, & all readability checks. Among other things that will be scrutinized are contextual integrity, adherence to cultural aspects of the target market, & the presentation of the final deliverable.

Proofreading will take care of typographical, grammatical, syntax, semantics, punctuations, abbreviation, & transliteration related errors.

Readability checks include Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Gunning Fox Score, Coleman Liau Index, Automated Readability Index (ARI) & Smog Index.

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Confidentiality is your priority...

The confidentiality of documents is your highest priority and so is ours. Get a Non-disclosure agreement signed with us before you share your documents with us. This will enhance trust and bring us closer in confidence.


Pricing matters to you...

Your budget is something we care for. Pricing will be customized with your requirements and it is also volume triggered. More the volume of the order the lower the price is. If your needs demand trans-creation we will go over and above to limit the pricing and make it affordable to you. Send us your document by email or share a link from your Google drive. We will calculate and send you the best quotation possible in the market. For any language-based services we are there for you be it translation in Dubai or any other location.


Why is Translation in Dubai more affordable...

Besides, translation in Dubai is cheaper compared to other countries in the world. High neck to neck competition has not only made prices cheaper but also made incumbent on the translation companies to deliver high-quality services.

Certified translation services in Dubai are required for immigration as well as to meet the statutory and legal requirements of the land. There are many documents that are technical in nature and need to be translated by a translation office in Dubai that is an expert in providing technical translation services. We are one of the most experienced translation agencies in Dubai that apart from translation services also provides interpretation services in Dubai & other Emirates.

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response rate

The High response rate that you expect...

When you hire us we will assign a dedicated accounts manager for you. He will respond with zero lag to every communication of yours be it a phone call, an email, or a live chat. We will never keep you waiting to reach out to us when you desire to speak to us.

You need a holistic translation office in Dubai that can take care of your every language-based requirements. In the case of your marketing needs, we will provide you with our normal translation services. For your technical documents, we can provide you with technical translation services. For meeting your statutory and legal requirements we will provide you with legal translation in Dubai & other Emirates. We can also provide you with certified translation services in Dubai & other Emirates for immigration requirements in Embassies & Consulates. For your events, we can provide you with the best interpretation services in Dubai & other Emirates. We are one of the best translation agencies in Dubai and we are looking forward to having you onboard.


Industry niches we work for...

You may be from any industry niche. Your net worth may be in billions of dollars or you may be a medium or small-scale business enterprise. It doesn’t matter at all. We will try to understand your goals and customize the final deliverables to suit your needs. The needs vary from industry to industry, one target market to the other and we have well conversed with all of these.

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Your community, our clientele...

Once you are on board with us you will be a part of a large community of lawmakers, lobbyists, High Net Worth Individuals, CEO & CXOs of Fortune 500 companies, Royal Families, Government Diplomats, and many more. It is a family that comprises our clients across the Globe. Today they are our clients and tomorrow your community. They trusted us over the years for rendering and providing them the quality of services pertaining to projects of translation in Dubai & their offices in other locations. We bind us together as a community with promising positioning in business through varied language-based services including translation services in Dubai.


Why you need Professional Translation Services in Dubai...

You must be looking for a professional translation agency to assist you. And that's because you know the consequences of a flawed translation. To avoid legal consequences, financial losses, awkwardness in local markets, and to avoid losing to competitors you need a professional translation partner. Our office for translation in Dubai also serves a huge number of clients from other parts of the globe. Send us an email, fill-up the form on our website, chat live with us, or give us a call and we will respond to you immediately with the best prices in the market. We also ensure a high-quality translation suiting to your budget & deadlines.

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Which areas of your business need translation services...

All key functional areas of business viz. Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Production, Customer Service, Purchasing, Legal Department, and Business Development & Marketing require language-based services to run their activities.

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Human Resources

If you are a multinational company your Human Resource department will need translation services for your reports, presentations, and contracts of employment in order to communicate with your foreign employees.

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Accounting & Finance

Your Accounting & Finance department requires translation of the auditor's report, balance sheets, and many other documents for application of tenders in foreign countries, for board meetings where you have directors and shareholders with different language backgrounds and in many other situations.

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Your production department needs translation of labels, instructions of packages, technical manuals, user guides, installation instructions, service manuals, brochure, patents, and many more documents especially when you are selling your products and services across borders.

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Customer Service

Your customer service department needs multilingual support to handle international customers. Customers may be from various language backgrounds and you need translation services to make the communication easier and effective.

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Your purchasing department may often require translation & interpretation services to interact with foreign vendors. While negotiating prices, terms and conditions and other aspects of a partnership with foreign manufacturers & dealers you may need live interpreters in your meetings. Sometimes written communications may also involve foreign languages.

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Legal Department

Your legal department always needs translation services while operating outside in a foreign country. To conform to the laws and statutory requirements at first you have to understand them. When all these laws, instructions and notices are in a foreign language you need translation services to understand them. Always in such situations, the replies are to be made in foreign languages.

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Business Development & Marketing

Last but not least is your Business Development & Marketing department. This is an area of every business that needs multilingual support services to reach out & engage customers in new geographical locations. Whether it is traditional or online marketing both need a huge amount of assistance for the use of languages.

translation company you need

The Company for Translation in Dubai that you need...

Get all your projects for translation in Dubai & other Emirates processed with us. We have served the best brands for translation services in Dubai.

You need a translation company that has the potential to meet up to your expectations. The purpose is to build bridges between language and cultures for the benefit of your business.

By now you must have understood us well on how we operate and interact with our clients. The adequate measures we take to ensure you get quick service with no compromise on the quality of the deliverables. We invite you on board with us.

Translations offered by our professional translators are well accepted in every government & private sector. We are more than a translation company in Dubai as we also provide services like language interpretation, proofreading, website localization, content writing, video subtitling, voice-over, attestation, & document legalization. We are a translation company in Dubai that extends its service for all types of documents in all possible languages for any client in any part of the world.


Our services in specialized fields of knowledge...

You can know more about our specialized fields of services. The nuances are completely different from regular business assignments. The challenges are extraordinary and it involves a lot of research and studies before working on these kinds of content.

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If you have tons of documents to translate & only a weeks’ time...

Companies for translation in Dubai also have the ability to handle efficiently high volumes in less time. This has become regular for us. We can deliver you thousands of pages in a week’s time. So, in a nut-shell when it comes to availing services for translation in Dubai do not think twice. Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services will cater professional & quick documents translation services in Dubai & other Emirates in the time frame you decide.

We are a translation office in Dubai and provide normal translation services, legal translation in Dubai & other Emirates, certified translation services in Dubai & other Emirates, medical translation services, technical translation services, interpretation services in Dubai & other Emirates. We are one of the top-rated translation agencies in Dubai for the excellent quality of services we provide to our clients.


The Best Translation Company in Dubai

We are a translation centre in Dubai that has been able to achieve all the quality standards necessary for attaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We have handled big-size translation projects from every industry including oil and gas, aerospace, transport, computer, telecommunications, construction, education, pharmaceutical, food, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, news media, energy, manufacturing, the worldwide web, electronics, mining, etc.

We are a premium quality translation company in Dubai having highly proficient translators and interpreters. Our language interpreters in Dubai attend conferences and events that are hosted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates. We are regarded as the best Translation Office in Dubai for Website Translation Services.

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We provide premium services for translation in Dubai & other Emirates in the following languages

Our Clientele

The following are a few of our highly esteemed clients

Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services

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