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Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services, a registered translation company in Dubai, is known for its expertise in the field of Technical Translation Services. We understand the IMPORTANCE of usage of most appropriate INDUSTRY SPECIFIC TECHNICAL TERMINOLOGIES while translating your content. Our clients trust our quick, reliable & professional technical translation services.

We, at Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services take special care while providing Technical Document Translation Services. Translators are educated in the respective fields and are the right professionals to handle Technical Document Translation Services.

Technical Translation Services: Nuances & Importance

Technical translation involves changing languages in instruction manuals and other documents used in specialized fields from their original language to target group languages. Skilled individuals or professional translation companies offer technical document translation services.

Both parties need to not only understand the languages to be translated to and from but also the technical aspect of the content under translation. This will make the translated documents more accurate and meaningful, leaving no room for misinterpreted information.

Areas that Need Technical Translation Services

Technical documents translation is often done on brochures, patents, operation manuals, training manuals, user guidelines, technical reports, license agreements, and websites. Their translation will, however, depend on the type of translation to be done. Aside from 10 surprising technical translation services facts, you need to know, here are some of the most common types of technical translation.

  • Scientific, technical translation

    The science sector is broad. It cuts across scientific research information, specialized pharmaceutical information, and any other information that directly talks about science in terms of work-study or educational documentation.

    Scientific information sometimes utilizes special naming laws in research that may not be familiar to a translator with no solid background in science. It may also involve the renaming of words and not just translation. Its information complexity qualifies it as a technical language.

  • Engineering translation services

    Though sometimes included in the science category, engineering is another complex field whose terms might only be relevant to people with prior engineering skills. In one language, a tool or an engineering activity may mean something different from another. Letter placement sometimes affects this kind of translation.

    One may not understand the technicality in small letter changes unless they not only understand the language but also the meaning of the term by itself.

  • Finance technical translations

    Money matters are always sensitive, no matter the technical setting. This is why any finance translator needs to get the words right. This includes using the right currency per country and knowing the conversion rates between different currencies at all times. Some finance and banking terms may also differ in meaning between different cultures, and so a translator needs to understand this as well.

  • Information Technology translations

    Information technology has led to great advancement in commerce. Today, going global for any business is as easy as having a functional website. However, IT experts in different countries need to understand each other, especially when ideas or services are being exchanged. An IT technical translation team comes in handy on such occasions.

  • Manufacturing and assembling information translation

    The motor and the automotive industry, as well as companies in the machine and power sector, need special translation attention for their businesses. This industry has technical terms that sometimes may not have a directly translated name to another language, hence the need to have someone who is able to put them in formats understandable to foreign interested parties.

Technical Document Translation Services: How to Go About it

Any time a business needs technical translation expertise; there are four ways to acquire them, as listed below.

  • Contact technical translation agencies

    Translation agencies have a team of professional translators to handle technical document translation services, explicitly trained to handle technical information. You can either find an agency that specifically deals with the type of specialized translation you are looking for or hire an agency that has a range of writers or choose your preference.

    In this case, any hitches in service delivery are complained to the client relations’ officer or the human resource manager and not necessarily to an individual translator.

  • Use a skilled employee if available

    Sometimes you might have an employee who is well conversant with the language you seek your information to be translated to. The employee, in this case, can act as the company's translator as well, given that he or she understands not only the technical information but also the company's products and services.

  • Contact a technical translator

    If you do not like the idea of hiring an entire agency to get a translator, you could seek an independent translator for technical information. Technical translators come in handy when you need short-term technical manual translation services. They are also more flexible and can work more closely with your business.

  • Use a translation software

    Lastly, there are types of translation software that are programmed, especially for a particular technical field for technical document translation services. These software are made to notice the standard technical terms in scientific and technical translation, which they then translate accordingly. If you frequently need technical document translation services where your information is constant, this might be a more budget-friendly option.

After you have selected your method of translation, you will need to understand the 15 steps to make your technical translation services project a success.

How To Vet a Technical Translation Company

Getting the right company to handle all your technical translation responsibilities is a big deal. This is because the reputation of your business in another country is determined by how well you can communicate with your target market.

If a piece of information is stated inappropriately, then you might not have the chance to correct your reputation, mostly if it is a first-time impression problem. You definitely do not want to experience the 10 hilarious technical manual translation services fails of 2019.

The number one factor to consider when choosing a translation company is years of experience in technical translation services. As much as there may be well-deserving companies that may not have been in the business for long, going through their previous work will let you know if they are the right fit for your business.

Secondly, the translation company's reputation that provides technical translation services. You can easily find this in their feedback session or ask people who have used their services before. If a previous client compliments them, chances are they will offer the best quality of service to you as well.

Then, of course you must consider your budget. Make sure you are not going over-budget and also make sure that you are still getting a quality job done. Striking a balance between price and quality is essential as cheaper technical translation services may also mean compromised quality.


Technical translation services require a substantial amount of time for a translator to be well conversant with the subject. For you hiring a company for technical document translation services, make sure that your information is in the hands of a well-skilled company or individual. Where necessary, keep in mind land translation laws and cultural implications.

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