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Legal Translation Services in Dubai, UAE

Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services, a registered translation company in Dubai provides you with the legal translation in Dubai and other Emirates that all Ministries & Government bodies accept in UAE or any part of rest of the world. We understand the importance of usage of appropriate legal terms while translating your content. Our clients trust, rely upon us for our legal translation services.

Legal Translation in Dubai is available for only a specific group of languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Turkish & Farsi (Persian). For other languages we get the legal translation done in the country of origin of the documents and legalize them from UAE Embassy/Consulate in those countries and bring inside UAE, legalize them from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE and the Ministry of Justice of UAE for use in UAE.

Legal Translation in Dubai is a translation done by a licensed translator otherwise known as legal translator/ sworn in translator from the Ministry of Justice of UAE.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates

Just like any other form of translation, legal translation involves putting the original content in another language. What make this type of translation different is its cultural dependence and the difference in legal systems in the world today.

The most important reason why companies and individuals require legal translation services in Dubai and other emirates in UAE is to file and fight court cases to fulfill statutory and legal requirements of Ministries, Embassies, Consulates, and various government departments.

It is important to note that factors beyond language differences make legal translation complex. There are a few things you need to consider when looking to translate any legal content, but first, here is a clearer understanding of the types of legal translation in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE.

Types of Legal Translation Services in Dubai and Beyond

When seeking legal translation, Dubai has a lot of expertise on offer.

Legal translation can be classified into different services depending on the type of document to be handled. It is important to note that getting the right translator for each category helps make the process easier and more accurate. Legal documents that need translation in most cases include:

Immigration Papers

Most people migrating to a new country tend not to be very conversant with the language of their prospective new home. Some might have basic language knowledge but may still need some level of assistance when it comes to understanding immigration laws. Some of the legal terms used in these papers are complex and may require an expert to translate them. Several Embassies and Consulates require that legal documents be submitted in translated forms in the language of the specific country of immigration. We provide legal translation services for Immigration papers at competitive prices and on urgent basis.

Legal Market Analysis

Markets in different countries have different laws that need to be followed regardless of where the headquarters of a business is located. This spells the need for a translator for the business owners to understand the legal environment in foreign markets. This relates to such things as taxation, employment, and other such issues usually spelled by law. At Dar Al Marjaan we provide Legal Translation Services for Legal Market Analysis at competitive prices.

Intellectual Property Documents

One of the most significant assets in this day and age is intellectual property. Most of these properties require legal backing to make sure that your rights are observed regardless of the country you decide to operate in.

Different countries have different copyright laws. If you are trying to penetrate the market in another country, you might want to understand their intellectual property laws to make sure that you are well protected. A certified translator in Dubai will come in handy in such cases. We have certified legal sworn in translators for providing legal translation services to clients inside and outside Dubai, UAE.

Contract Papers

Most forms of contract have legal implications unless they are friendly contracts that do not need paper documentation to seal them. One way that businesses use to enter into a foreign environment is by signing a partnership deal with an existing company in the new land.

For both parties entering into an agreement, they must understand each other's legal responsibilities. Legal translation is necessary in this case to makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

Legal Translation services for contract papers can be well trusted with us. We will provide you with 100% error free legal translation of your contract papers.

Corporate Documents

Aside from contracts business get into, there other organizational documents that have legal implications attached to them. These include terms and conditions, business permits and policies, and some financial documents.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Legal Translation Services in Dubai

When seeking legal translation services, you might find it daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Do not fret; the following tips will smoothen the process.

  • Talk to lawyers in both the target location and your original location

    Given that you might not be entirely familiar with all legal processes both in your country of origin and in the target country, it is advisable to talk to someone who is. A lawyer has probably dealt with other forms of legal translation within their scope of work and might also have a few recommended translators in mind. He or she will also offer different legal backings, such as being a witness in a contract signing occasion.

  • Get your documents in order

    It is easier to get a legal translator to help you when you are specific about the materials you need to be translated. Whether it is the terms and conditions on your website or a business agreement, once you have your documents in order, you can then decide on the type of legal translator to look for.

  • Do your research

    Never seek any type of legal translation in Dubai or the UAE without a clear expectation. Proper research will help you get this. Know what an authorized translator should offer, under what amount of period, and the terms and conditions. There are countries where no legal translation is valid without using a certified legal translator.

  • Have a budget in mind

    Of course, you have to factor in the issue of money. Whether you are looking for a human translator or an automated translating machine, there is an amount of money you have to put aside for such services. A certified legal translator may be more expensive than one who is not, but there are advantages to the extra cost.

Why You Should Use a Certified Translator

As clearly indicated, legal translation is one of the most sensitive forms of translation in the market today. You must, therefore, get the right person to do it. A translation agency that is certified under No. 621 by the UAE Ministry of Justice is better placed to handle all your legal documents translation needs than any other translator.

Apart from the fact that certification means recognition by the land's government; it is also a sign of professionalism and works ethic. This comes in handy, especially when dealing with business-related documents. It also gives you some form of leverage. In case of a mistranslation that leads to losses, you can take a certified legal translator before the state courts and possibly claim damages.


Legal translation in Dubai is a service that serves the company, its owners, and also the customers. As such, all stakeholders need to be well conversant with legal business information, especially that which directly affects them. With clear guidelines as the ones discussed above, it is easier for you to be on the right legal translation page. But always remember to make quality translation a priority, especially in legal matters. Legal Translation Services is one of the core expertise of Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services.

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