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Simultaneous Interpretation Services...

Simultaneous interpretation is used very often in the media and entertainment industry. It is needed on occasions like live television coverages, press conferences, interviews with political figures, filmmakers, performing musicians, renowned artists, famous sportsmen, or imminent people from the business circle.

Simultaneous Interpretation is done at the time of the exposure to the source language whereas consecutive interpreting is done at breaks to this exposure. In other words in simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens and translates the message of the speaker in the target language at the same time as the speaker is speaking without any time lag.

In simultaneous interpretation & consecutive interpretation, people that speak different languages can communicate with each other using the services of professional interpreters and specialized equipment with only momentary time delay. Language interpretation is a vocal form of translation. It’s situations, requirements, challenges and other nuances are completely different from written translation. This is a completely different form of discipline in language-based services. We have been providing high-quality simultaneous interpretation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other Emirates for many years.


Nuances of Simultaneous Interpretation...

This cannot be done by computers but only human interpreters & translators who are very skilled in the language arts can do this task. This is because of the fact that it is hard and rather impossible for a computer to handle the nuances of culture and languages.

These interpreters & translators have the ability to listen to a speech in one language and convert it to another language instantaneously. This is not an easy task and takes a highly trained individual to do this. Just being bi-lingual doesn’t help. An interpreter is not allowed to trip over his/her words.

He/ She has to be spontaneous and instantaneous while interpreting the expressions of the speaker, in addition, the interpreter must have complete knowledge of the subject of the speech with all terminologies and vocabularies related to the subject of the speech in both source & target languages.

Specialized electronic equipment has an essential role in simultaneous interpretation. It is a complex audio routing system designed specifically for language interpretation. The audio needs to travel in its utmost pure sound quality from the person speaking to the interpreter and then back from the interpreter to the audience in their own language. We must essentially note here that when the language of the speaker is not the language of the audience requirement for language interpretation arises.

In simultaneous interpretation mostly a pair of interpreters are required to be together sitting inside a sound-proof booth consoling with a headphone and a microphone each. They take turns while performing the interpretation task. At any point in time, only one of them stays "live on-air".

If the audience is a mixture of many language speaking participants for each target language a pair of interpreters is required in separate booths. The participants can choose their preferred language in which they want to listen to. A wired listening station solution or a wireless transmitter/receiver solution with functionalities like a channel selector, volume control, and headphone are made available to accomplish this objective. That is how a -real-time multi-cultural communication that bridges the language and cultural barriers is organized successfully. We offer Simultaneous Interpretation Services by highly professional and experienced interpreters.

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Languages combinations for Interpreting Services...

We offer top-notch interpreters for Simultaneous Interpretation for multiple languages including the following:









European Portuguese<>English

Brazilian Portuguese<>English


































Simultaneous Interpretation System…

Simultaneous Interpretation with traditional hardware look like as follows:

  • 1- The speaker talks into a microphone.
  • 2- His/ her speech is broadcast to the interpreter through headphones. The interpreter sits in a sound-proof interpreter booth.
  • 3- As the interpreter listens to the speech, he or she translates it in real-time into a microphone without any time lag.
  • 4- The interpretation is transmitted seamlessly through wireless devices like via multi-channel receivers to the headphones of the event attendees.

Interpreters in a simultaneous interpretation event need the following facilities to perform:

  • 1- Interpreters must have a clear view of speakers, the podium, and presentations.
  • 2- Interpreters need good access to Internet connections.
  • 3- They need to have a sufficient number of power outlets for their laptops, tablets, and any other gadgets they may use during their work.
  • 4- High air quality is very crucial for obvious reasons, too. Sensors that measure CO2 must be there inside their booths.
  • 5- They need optimal acoustic conditions, for example, fans should not be noisy and be as quiet as possible and sound insulation from other booths should be perfect.
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Mobile Apps for Simultaneous Interpretation…

Mobile Apps have been recently developed by IT specialists for use in simultaneous interpretation. These mobile applications can work alone or in combination with traditional translation hardware.

Mobile Apps. is an alternative to traditional interpretation systems, that stream real-time audio on participants’ phones through local wifi or mobile data. The speaker's stream is transmitted to interpreters who with a special broadcaster or traditional consoles, stream their interpretations. Interpreters can use these special mobile applications for both onsite or remotely performed interpretation events. In such a situation interpretation booths are no longer needed. Thus even the participants can listen to the stream from anywhere and need not be present at the venue of interpretation.

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Consecutive Interpretation Services...

Consecutive Interpretation is another important tool for international business and cooperation. This form of interpretation services is commonly used by the government and private sectors to establish effective communication between participants of different language backgrounds.

The second most popular method in the interpreting sector of language services is consecutive interpretation. In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter does not need specialized equipment. In this interpreting method, the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause before translating in the language of the listener what the speaker said in his language.

Consecutive interpreting is less complex and cheaper than simultaneous interpretation. It is not considered as real-time delivery because the speaker needs to pause in order to allow the interpreter to translate what he said to the intended listener in his or her language. We offer Consecutive Interpretation Services by highly professional and experienced interpreters.

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Sign Language Interpretation

We provide highly experienced and professional sign language interpreters. To hire them kindly contact us through live chat, or make a phone call, send us an email, or fill-up the form. Interpreters are of high demand and therefore it works on a first-come-first-served basis. The earlier you are in responding to your need and contacting us the more chances of getting the best of the interpreters.

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The guarantee to offer...

We guarantee you complete satisfaction in our services. We will do all that is necessary to make you happy and satisfied. We await to get you on board & establish a long-term professional relationship. We care for your merriment & prosperity.


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