How To Vet a Technical Translation Services Company

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How To Vet a Technical Translation Services Company

Technical Translation otherwise knows as technical translation services is a broad term that includes translation of instruction and operating manuals, patents, user guides, installation manuals, E-learning materials, catalogues, software technologies and many more. Highly skilled translators are required for this field of translation. Also, there are some reputed translation companies that provide technical translation services at a highly professional level.

Avenues that Need Technical Translation Services

  • Scientific Translation

    Scientific Translation refers to the translation of scientific research information, medical & pharmaceutical information, and all other information related to scientific research. Translation of scientific documents is very often done from a foreign language to English inside the scientific research organizations itself. This is due to the fact that every scientist is not proficient in English and they prefer writing down their studies and findings in their own native language. Being international research organizations the manuscripts need to be translated into English for proceeding further.

    Once the scientific research gets approved and reaches a stage where its dissemination into other languages becomes imperative for the reason sharing of knowledge across borders it again needs to be translated from English to other foreign languages.

  • Engineering Translation

    Engineering is another complex field. As a part of marketing and sales companies in manufacturing and trading of engineering products need translation services.

    It is a complicated task as in one language, a tool or an engineering activity may mean something and in another language it may have a different meaning.

  • Finance Technical Translations

    Companies while bidding for tenders in other countries need to submit all of their audited financials and bank statements. Translation of financial documents is essential for every company to grow and thrive in foreign markets. Banks also use financial translations frequently for a multitude of reasons. This is why any finance translator needs to get the words right. This includes using the right currency per country and knowing the conversion rates between different currencies at all times in addition to the accounting and finance terminologies.

  • Information Technology Translations

    Information technology has led to the boom in commerce in the recent times. To go global you need to translate the website in the language of the target market. Along with translation it needs to be localized as well.

    However, IT experts in different countries need to understand each other, especially when ideas or services are being exchanged. An IT technical translation team comes in handy on such occasions.

  • Manufacturing and Assembling Information Translation

    Companies from automotive industry as well as companies from machine and power sector need translation of their documents and literature every now and then. This industry has technical terms that sometimes may not have a directly translated name in another language; hence the need to have someone who is able to put them in formats easy to understand in foreign languages.

Technical Translation: How to go about it

There are companies that provide technical translation services at a professional level.

You can either, find an agency that specifically deals with the type of specialized translation you are looking for or, hire an agency that has a range of writers and go according to your preference.

In this case, any hitches in service delivery are complained to the client relations’ officer or the human resource manager and not necessarily to an individual translator.

How To Vet a Technical Translation Services Company

To be able to get the right company for handling your technical translation project is a big deal. The quality and accuracy of the translation is determined by how well you can communicate with your target market.

If any piece of information in the original document is inappropriately translated, a lot of consequences will follow and thus will damage the reputation of your company and there will be major hindrances and legal complications.

The main factors that you need to check in the evaluation process are

  1. The number of years of experience in providing technical translation services.
  2. Samples of previous work that have been done related to technical translation services for other reputed organizations.
  3. The educational qualification of the translators who will handle your technical translation.
  4. The target language proficiency of the translator.
  5. Online and offline reputation of the company.

Budget is also one of the most important factors, you need to choose a technical translation services company that passes through an evaluation process as mentioned above and also offers services at an affordable rate and price.

Striking a balance between price and quality is essential as cheaper services may also mean compromised quality.


Technical translation services is time consuming and tedious. Make sure that your information is in the hands of a well skilled company. Where necessary, keep in mind land translation laws and cultural implications.

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