Role of English to German Translators in the Business World- A Comprehensive Study

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Role of English to German Translators in the Business World- A Comprehensive Study

German also popularly known as Deutsch is a language that is spoken by almost 100 million native speakers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tyrol in Italy, the German-speaking Community of Belgium and Liechtenstein. In Luxembourg, it is one of the three official languages and in the Opole Voivodeship province of Poland, it is a co-official language. After English & French, German ranks as the third most spoken language in the European Union. In the United Kingdom, more than 50% of business enterprises use English & German for all business communications and marketing activities. Though German is not a language of the United Nations it has a dedicated German Translation Section. The German Translation Section, financed by contributions from the German-speaking countries, has been active at United Nations Headquarters in New York since 1975 and produces major United Nations documents in a standard German-language version.


Why your Business needs English to German Translators and vice versa?

The GDP of Germany in 2019 has reached a figure of $962,318 Million USD. This is more than 6.45% of the world economy. Goods and services worth approximately $665 Billion USD are traded across German borders every year.

Principal Imports:
Cars: $60 Billion USD
Vehicle Parts: $42.1 Billion USD
Crude Petroleum: $30.1 Billion USD
Packaged Medicaments: $25.8 Billion USD
Human or Animal Blood and Vaccines: $22.1 Billion USD

Principal Export Destinations:
The United States: $111 Billion USD
France: $103 Billion USD
China: $95 Billion USD
The United Kingdom: $90.3 Billion USD
Netherlands: $84.5 Billion USD

From the above figures, it is evident how big is the German Business Market. It would be a dream of every business enterprise to extend its business to Germany. In the Ease of Doing Business Report for 2019 published by the World Bank Group Germany has been ranked in the first 25 countries where the regulations for doing business are highly favorable. Germany scores 78.9 out of 100 in ease of doing business. Business enterprises from all across the World would like to build their customer base in the German market and the hindrance that comes in their way is the language barrier. This is where the role and importance of translators from German to English and English to German Translators come into the picture. It must be noted that they have contributed a lot to business enterprises that have targeted Germany and German-speaking communities across the world. They have influenced the business world to a large extent by bridging the gap of communication due to languages.

Professional translation companies with teams of proficient and native translators from German to English and English to German Translators are on high demand for fulfilling the translation requirement of business enterprises. They ensure that the translated content conveys the message in full without errors in the target language. The cultural aspects of the target market are taken into consideration while translating the content. For translation from German to languages other than English the common method followed is a translation from German to English and then from English to the other foreign language. All kinds of content in forms of text, audio & video get translated from English to other foreign languages to make marketing campaigns successful in Russia, China, Spain, India, and other countries. Every small detail is being taken care of to ensure that nothing is lost in the 2-step translation process.


English to German Translators- Normal, Certified & Legal/ Sworn-in- translators

When it comes to the classification of translators into three main categories it is essential to mention English to German Normal, Certified and Legal/ Sworn-in- Translators.

Translators are designated as normal translators from English to German when the translation is either done for the sole purpose of understanding or for running marketing activities in German. Marketing activities include Localization of Website, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Subtitling, Voice Over & other business promotional activities.

Certified translators are translators licensed by the Ministry of Justice, sworn-in- translators, and also English to German translators who are authorized members of internationally recognized private organizations like NAATI, ATA, and others.

In Dubai & other six Emirates a legal translator is one who has been licensed by the Ministry of Justice of United Arab Emirates. There are legal translators for German to Arabic and when the translation needs to a legal translation from German to English at first it is translated from German to Arabic by a legal translator licensed for the language pair and then it is translated by another legal translator from Arabic to English licensed for this language pair. These two translations are then clubbed together and presented as German to English Legal Translation.


Interpretation by Translators from German to English & English to German Translators

Language Interpretation has a prominent role in modern business. When there is any business meeting between two individuals, two entities or one entity and one individual speaking two different languages the interpretation services are required. Translators from German to English & English to German Translators provide interpretation services in German English dual language pair. There are mainly two kinds of language interpretation viz. consecutive interpretation & simultaneous interpretation. In addition to business meetings it is also required in commercial exhibitions, various kinds of business expositions, all kinds of training sessions, and technological demonstrations, lobbying activities and on many other occasions where the participating parties speak different languages.


YouTube & Video Subtitling by Translators from German to English & Vice versa

The popularity of YouTube for video content is un-challengeable. YouTube has been the most popular platform for video marketing. Business enterprises produce marketing, educational, awareness and other kinds of promotional videos in one language at first and then get the content translated by Translators from German to English & English to German Translators. The translations are then placed on the video using the video subtitling features of YouTube. This has made the work easier in reaching out to new markets using the language of the target market on the videos in the form of subtitles. The subtitles are required in the language of the target market to make effective communication between the business enterprise and potential customers from the audience of the target market. Videos are not produced separately for every language and hence this tactic has helped business enterprises to save a lot of money. This is a very effective tool for marketing in modern-day business.


Voice-overs in German can be a great communication tool for your Business

Video Subtitling is done to convey messages in text on a video whereas voice-overs are used to dub the conversations from one language to the other in a video. Translators from German to English & English to German Translators create the voice content based upon the original video and then voice artists record it and engineers place them in the video in a systematic manner. There is much software available in the market that helps in replacing the original voice in one language with the voice of the artist who speaks in the language of the target market.

Voice-overs are very effective in communicating the messages of a business enterprise and information related to its products and services to the audience of the target market in a language that they speak, read, write and understand.


Use of German on the Social Networks & Social Media Platforms

Taking from the marketing of products and services to branding all is done to a great extent through social media. Social media marketing is very effective in modern times due to the growth of smartphones and the Internet. Every business enterprise has its presence on different social media platforms. Some of them prefer LinkedIn whereas others prefer Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. It is an established fact that social media platforms must be managed in a language that the target market speaks, reads and writes. When it comes to targeting the German market and German-speaking communities of the World the social media updates and posts must be published in German. This will increase the level of engagement of the enterprise with the potential customers of the target market. Here is where you need help from English to German Translators. Vice versa when German business enterprises need to cater content to English-speaking communities they need the help of Translators from German to English.


Role of Translators from German to English & English to German Translators in Website Localization

Website Translation is the first and foremost step in Website Localization. To learn in detail about Website Localization you must read the article English vs. Local Language| Why You Need to Localize and Translate Your Website in Multiple Languages. Website localization is a very important aspect of reaching out to the audience in a target market that speaks, reads, writes and understands in a different language. In website localization, the first step is website translation and this is where the translators from German to English & English to German Translators play a vital role. They are resources that help in making the communication between a business enterprise and its consumers in the target market with German-speaking communities easy and effective.


Advertising & Marketing in Traditional Style, Business Collaterals in the German Language

Promotion and marketing in traditional methods include advertisements in television, radio, outdoor billboards, and print media. For this purpose business enterprises need the help of translators from German to English & English to German Translators when their target market is Germany and German-speaking communities across the World.

Whether it be promotional flyers, brochures or price lists all need to be translated by translators in the target market language in order to enable smooth functioning of the business enterprise. There is a very common saying in the business world, “ Can’t Read, Won’t Buy”.


SEO & PPC Advertisement for German –speaking Target Market

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of rules and exercises that are done to get a website higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

Running an SEO campaign in the German language can give business enterprises quantifiable benefits when the target market speaks German. Here is a good read for you: Why multilingual SEO is Imperative for success in International Markets? to know more about SEO in multiple languages. To do SEO in German every business enterprise needs the help and support of services provided by English to German translators.

PPC advertisement refers to paid advertising on platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & other forms of social media. PPC has become very crucial to business now a day. You will need the support of translation companies having proficient English to German translators to draft & compose advertisement copies and carry out associated activities for PPC advertisement.

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