Doing Business in Russia & for Russian-Speaking Target Market- All you need to know

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Doing Business in Russia & for Russian-Speaking Target Market- All you need to know

Russian is a language that is spoken by 114 million native speakers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Belarus. It is also spoken in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. It is the 8 th most spoken language on Earth and is one of the 6 languages of the United Nations. But the main point is that Russian has gained prominence as a web language in recent times. 59.7 million Russian speakers use the Internet in their own language and this figure represents 3% of the global Internet users.

How Business Enterprises collaborates with English to Russian Translators & Russian English Translators

In 2019 the GDP of Russia has been calculated as $334,420 Million USD. Foreign Direct Investment in Russia has increased by $5.7 Billion USD in 2019. All these indicators are direct proof of the fact that business in Russia is lucrative and as a matter of fact, new investors keep increasing every year in Russia from other parts of the World. These investors are from non-Russian-speaking communities and mostly their websites and other marketing materials both online and offline are in English or some other language as they are mostly from China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland.

Translation companies with teams of professional and native English to Russian translators and Russian English translators are the key resources for these investors to communicate effectively in the Russian market. Investors from China approach translation companies to translate their content from Chinese to Russian. This is mainly done in the 2-step process due to a lack of sufficient and proficient Chinese to Russian translators. The first step is to translate the content from Chinese to English and then get it translated by English to Russian Translators.

It should be noted that a considerable number of Russian business enterprises venture forth into non-Russian markets every year. Their content is generally in Russian and so they take the help of Russian English translators to translate their content into English and from English to another foreign language as required.

English to Russian Translators- Normal, Certified & Legal/ Sworn-in- translators

English to Russian translators and Russian English translators are mainly divided into three groups viz. Normal, Certified and Legal/ Sworn-in-Translators.

Normal translators translate content for understanding & marketing purposes. Their translations are not to be submitted to any legal authority. Generally, normal translators translate content for marketing, Localization of Website, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Subtitling, Voice Over & other business promotional activities.

Certified translators include Legal translators and those who hold membership of internationally accredited private organizations like NAATI, ATA, and others.

In Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah legal translators are those who have been licensed by the Ministry of Justice for a particular language pair. It is fortunate that we get legal Russian Arabic translators. When Legal translation is required from Russian to English it is done in the 2-step process. At first, the content is translated from Russian to Arabic and then from Arabic to English, which means two different legal translators are involved viz. Russian to Arabic legal translator & Arabic to English legal translator. These two legal translations are clubbed together and regarded as Russian to English legal translation.

Interpretation by English to Russian Translators & Russian English Translators

Language interpretation is a thriving profession in today’s business scenario. Interpretation services are required for proper communication between participants of a high profile business meeting, expositions, technical demonstration, product training Etc. English to Russian translators & Russian to English translators provide both the kinds of interpretation services, which are popularly known as consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

YouTube & Video Subtitling by English to Russian Translators & Vice versa

Video marketing is gaining importance all across the world. The habit of reading text and understanding is on the decline in modern generations due to a lack of reading habits and patience. The audience of any target market prefers video content above all other forms of content. YouTube has been the greatest source of videos from every category of education, entertainment, business, and others.

For any business enterprise, it has become imperative to have a YouTube channel of their own where they can showcase information about their company, products & services. Subtitling of videos is done to present the same video to different language speaking target markets.

Voice-overs in German can be a great communication tool for your Business

Business enterprises take the help of English to Russian translators & Russian English translators to translate their content from the source language to the target language. Once the translation is ready voice-over artists are hired and their voice on the translated text is recorded. The recording is then placed in the video and the voice of the original video is removed. This is a way to produce one video in a particular language and then use voice-overs to cater it to target markets speaking different languages. This is a cost-effective way of creating videos in different languages.

Use of German on the Social Networks & Social Media Platforms

Every business enterprise optimizes on Social Media Marketing. When catering to the audience in Russia and Russian-Speaking communities across the World business enterprises avail services of English to Russian translators & Russian English translators to translate their content from one language to the other. This creates a strong brand image as the business enterprise is communicating, engaging and selling in the language of the target market.

Role of Translators from German to English & English to German Translators in Website Localization

Website Localization starts with Website Translation. It has a few more modifications to be done after the content of the website is translated into the language of the target market. To know Website Localization in more details you can read the article English vs. Local Language| Why You Need to Localize and Translate Your Website in Multiple Languages.

Website Localization is very important for the internationalization of business. It is not a new concept but it is increasingly becoming popular every day. The localization of a website increases the brand value in the target markets. Translating a website into Russian is very common among business enterprises and many Russian business enterprises translate their websites into English and other languages to communicate about their company, products & services to new target markets in multiple geographical locations.

English to Russian translators and Russian English translators translate websites incorporating into it all the cultural aspects of the target market. From Russian to other foreign languages and vice versa additional translators are hired. For instance. if a website needs to be translated from Russian to Italian, at first it will be translated from Russian to English and then from English to Italian in most of the cases except where you find a translator from Russian to Italian. Russian to Italian translators are very rarely found and their proficiency is in most of the time questionable.

Traditional Advertising & Marketing, Business Collaterals in the German Language

Traditional Marketing is mainly done through radio, television, magazines and outdoor billboards. Original content for traditional marketing is also translated by English to Russian translators and Russian English translators. In case of a third language being the source or target additional translators are hired to bridge the gap.

Business collaterals like price lists, promotional flyers, brochures, and others are translated by English to Russian translators and Russian English translators for the purpose of understanding by the audience and other stakeholders of the target market.

SEO & PPC Advertisement for German –speaking Target Market

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an exercise done to increase the number of visitors to a website by ranking them higher in the search results page of a search engine like Google, Bing, Baidu Etc.

Running an SEO campaign in the Russian language can give business enterprises quantifiable benefits when the target market speaks Russian. Here is a good read for you: Why multilingual SEO is Imperative for success in International Markets? to know more about SEO in multiple languages.

To do SEO in Russian a business enterprise needs the help and support of English to Russian translators and Russian English translators.

PPC advertisement is the abbreviated form of Pay per Click Advertisement. More precisely PPC is paid advertisement made through platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn & other forms of social media. If you are targeting Russian and Russian-speaking communities as your market it is necessary for you to run your PPC campaigns in Russian with the support services of English to Russian translators. You may seek help from professional translation companies and translators for keywords research in German, writing advertisement copies and analyzing results.

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