Chinese to English Translation: Its Contribution to Global Businesses

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Chinese to English Translation: Its Contribution to Global Businesses

Chinese is one of the six official languages of United Nations. Standard Chinese also known as Mandarin is the official language of China & Taiwan and one of the four official languages of Singapore. Approximately 1.2 billion people across the globe speak Chinese. It is a significant figure, as that constitutes almost 16% of the world’s population.

China’s role in International business is well known across the world. It has continued to be the world’s second largest economy since a decade and a growth rate that is still one of the highest in the world. The country’s inward and outward foreign direct investment has made it hugely significant player in the international economy. Entrepreneurs irrespective of their location of operation have realized the value of marketing their products and services in the Chinese market. Since, cutting down the barriers in communication is the key to survive and succeed in Chinese market companies that are looking to enter or that are already operating in Chinese market partner up with translation agencies for English to Chinese translation and Chinese to English translation.

China is altogether a very idiosyncratic nation. The Chinese community has their own set of values, point of view and perspective towards the rest of the world. Even in their way of doing business they are different from the other parts of the world. They speak, read and write only in Chinese. Since, Chinese belongs to Sino- Tibetan family of languages its modes of expression, grammar, syntax, semantics, figures of speech are completely different from English and other European languages. English belongs to the family of Indo-European languages. Thus, Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese Translation services are in high demand always.

How to make appealing content for marketing in Chinese market?

Content marketing is very essential for both new and old businesses. It is the most modern strategy of marketing that creates and distributes relevant and consistent content related to products and services to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and finally convert them into customers.

In every organization the main content is created mostly in English. The content is finalized and approved by the marketing team at the headquarters and passed on to the branches and subsidiaries in other locations. The content is then translated into the official and local language of target market. While making English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation certain aspects of writing must be taken into account to make the content appealing to the Chinese audience for e.g. translation of idioms, switching correctly between various tenses, treatment of emphatic expressions, humor, figures of speech and the cultural differences that exist between English and Chinese speaking communities.

Translation & Localization of Websites for Chinese Market

Website localization is the collective name of all activities to make alterations and adjustments in an existing website to adapt to the preferences and cultural aspects of the target market. The principal aspect of website localization is website translation. All organizations that intend to start business in China or for Chinese market opt for English of Chinese Translation of Website.

What makes the task of English to Chinese Translation & Chinese to English challenging?

Chinese is written with characters and not alphabet. These characters represent both sound and meaning. Chinese words are made up of one or more syllables. A character represents each syllable. There are more than 50,000 characters in total but mostly used characters are 500. The meaning of a symbol changes dramatically when combined with another one. This is one of the main challenges that come on the way of good quality English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation.

The second challenge in English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation is that the translator must have a deep understanding of Chinese and English cultures and traditions. The translator needs to translate the content considering the cultural sensitivity of the Chinese community. Word-for- word translation may be offensive and disastrous rather attention must be paid to the cultural content.

The third challenge in English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation is the complex nature of Chinese grammar. The order of words in a sentence in Chinese is completely different from that in English. There are certain concepts in Chinese grammar that have no counterpart in English grammar.

English to Chinese Translation of Social Media Content

Organizations operate in various geographical locations targeting various language speaking groups. Content is not created for each language but the content is created at first mostly in English and then translated into different languages. This is mainly done to control cost for content creation. English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation for social media content is an essential part of marketing activity and is a daily requirement of the organizations.

English to Chinese Translation of Business Collaterals

Business collaterals are very crucial for disseminating information to the stakeholders of a business. These stakeholders may be customers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, partners, vendors etc. English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation is required for promotional flyers, banners, price lists, business presentations, product and service brochures, e-books, white papers, case studies etc.

Why organizations need English to Chinese Interpreters frequently?

English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation by interpreters are on high demand in every country. English to Chinese interpreters are now one of the key members of business teams for successful business transactions. Interpreters help major Boardroom discussions, high profile business meetings, live television broadcast, exhibitions and in all other events where the language of the speaker and the language of the audience is different. Sometimes, they also bridge the communication gap between Chinese Engineers and English speaking apprentices in many site offices in construction and technology sectors.

Importance of Cultural Awareness in English to Chinese Translation

In English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation there are important cultural factors to be considered. Translation connects and conveys useful information between two communities of different language backgrounds. Specially when it comes to English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation it must be kept in mind that there is a huge difference in Chinese and western cultures.

Culture may be referred to a cumulative deposit of knowledge, belief system, experiences and values. In simple words it is a total way of life of a particular community. Communication with a community of a different language background is governed by a proper and deep understanding of its culture. It is a well- established fact that a language is an outcome of a culture.

Therefore, while making English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English translation of any kind of content the translators should be clear about the inter- relationship between culture and language and render translations that build relationships and attachment.

How to choose us as your Chinese Translation partner?

If you are serious about your English to Chinese translation & Chinese to English Translation assignments write to us about your expectation and objectives. If you have multiple assignments or a single long-term assignment discuss it with us in every details. To maintain confidentiality we will begin the project with signing up of a Non-Disclosure agreement.

Send us a sample of the content and we will provide you with a translation free of cost. Our sample translation will definitely help you choose us as your translation partner.



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